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 by Lauren Barger Photography

by Lauren Barger Photography


Taelor Fisher


Dallas born and bred Taelor Fisher has always been an artist. As a small child, she spent all her free time creating. Though it wasn’t until she was pursuing her degree in Studio Art and Art History that she picked up a paintbrush and things instantly clicked. Taelor has worked with interior decorators, designers, and clients across the country, and particularly enjoys creating custom commissions. 


What a Year So Far!

A Letter from Taelor

I cannot believe how much has happened in the past year! From my partnership with Neiman Marcus and the House of Creed, to showing at High Point Market with Hazen & Co, to collaborating with Kelly Wynne handbags and speaking on a panel at SXSW, to launching a collection at Waiting on Martha Home, to joining Gregg Irby Gallery in Atlanta! Woo! 

It has been a crazy 2018, but I wouldn't trade any minute of it! To top it all off, we are expecting Baby Boy Fisher in early October! 

Looking forward to the end of September, I will be finishing up commissions and launching a final series of work, Anemones, with my gallery in Dallas, Bee Street Studio. I plan to spend time with our new addition after his arrival in October, and will send out a Newsletter in November with lots of updates!

There are some wonderful projects and collaborations in the works, so keep following along! (HINT: printing my work on..... ??)

If you are looking for a commission as a gift for the Holidays - Please email me at ASAP to get on the list! 

Thank you so much for all of your support! I can honestly say that my career would not exist without a love and interest for original paintings and interior decor! 

Love Y'all!



Gregg Irby Gallery (Atlanta, GA):

Bee Street Studio (Dallas, TX):


Taelor's Inspiration

Taelor finds great inspiration in the natural world, and considers flowers especially stirring. Taelor unexpectedly marries the shapes, colors, and scents of her favorite blooms with expression, and the results are gloriously lush, colorful, and sometimes even charmingly chaotic.

I find great inspiration in the natural world and considers flowers especially stirring.
— Taelor Fisher

Collaborations & Press

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